Read this : Kyleena IUD and Ovarian Cysts?

By | February 23, 2021
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hey all! I have had a Kyleena IUD since May 2019. I just obtained out of urgent care because I used to be afraid I may have had a UTI or bladder infection. I’ve a new few before, and one turned into the kidney infection, so I wanted to end up being extra precautious. I felt like right after sex, I was peeing a lot however, not a whole lot, and for the last two days our abdomen had been sore and puffed up. but turns out my urine had been totally clean (hooray! ) your doctor did suggest though that mainly because my IUD is progesterone just, I may not have enough estrogen inside my gut, so it might a mid-cycle ovarian cyst? she suggested We add more soy into our diet and drink Gatorade intended for hydration. has anyone else experienced this particular with a hormonal IUD? any pro-soy stories lol?
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