Read this : Is the Moon Presence really all that bad?

By | February 23, 2021
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It appears to me like the moon presence made the Hunter’s Dream to take care of the particular beasts plaguing Yharnam, which was chaos that was created by the Healing Chapel. Although in one ending we finish up becoming a great one which is seen as the great ending, I don’t think that it implies that the other endings are necessarily poor. I think what we will end up doing right after becoming a Great One is find a way to finish the beasts scourge. If we failed to and just ascended while leaving Yharnam to be inevitably destroyed, is it a real good ending? One way that I believe we can look at it is that we are going to look for a better way of dealing with the animal scourge, as opposed to the Moon Presence’s technique which wasn’t working very well. Possibly that or the Moon Presence is really a selfish entrepreneur asshole who utilizes hunters to grant himself a lot more insight and bloodechoes through reasonable trade while letting Yharnam gradually destroy itself, enjoying the fact that your dog is basically a God.
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