Read this : I love my therapist. She’s made me realize so many things.

By | February 23, 2021
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Plus honestly? I think she cracked the code. TW: ED and self-harm talk. I’m saying «my» due to the fact I want to be very clear that this is exactly what my situation is like, considering that we all more or less experience borderline differently, encounters during childhood/teenage years, etc . Among my biggest issues is being dependent upon my boyfriend to the point where Dont really feel like I exist without your pet. But , to get to the point of this blog post: I am so thankful for my therapist. Throughout our appointment today, she produced me realize why I’m therefore DAMN dependent on my boyfriend to the stage where I will have constant anxiety attacks without him. He left Mon last week, and will be gone for three a lot more weeks. The days after have been tough, to say the least. They’ve been horrible plus absolutely crippling. I’ve been breaking, and as I mentioned, had continuous panic attacks. I feel like I can not exist without him, which I understand is unhealthy, but I could by no means quite put my finger upon why I was so dependent on your pet. Addicted, even. Well… He is the particular polar opposite of how my childhood plus teenage years were. I were raised with a horribly unstable, unmedicated plus mentally ill mother. I was in no way shown love. I had to stroll on eggshells. I wasn’t permitted to show emotions, because if I did, I used to be scolded. I developed anxiety when justin was 8, and even then I was not proven support. I started self-harming with 12 and developed an MALE IMPOTENCE. My mother showed me simply no love or support. Fast ahead to 13, and she started to turn out to be physical with the abuse. I relocated out when I was 15, and also have lived with my boyfriend since. I am now 21. My partner, despite our rocky roads within our relationship, have been a stable, neutral, relaxed person. He has his own baggage that i won’t go too in depth upon, but he grew up in a terrible home as well, so he knows. But he has always been more steady and calm than I actually have, or have ever experienced through someone I deeply love. He or she gave me what I have always was missing: unconditional love, support, calmness, plus stability. The moment I realized this particular, I felt my face turn out to be hot red and I was FURIOUS. My therapist applauded me intended for my reaction and straight up stated “That’s awesome! Feel that emotion! ” And encouraged me to talk openly about it. I was angry with myself, for being so dependent on your pet, but the worst is knowing that I use put my own damn self apart for years. I feel so relieved. Initially in FOR-FUCKING-EVER I don’t feel like the caged bird. I feel free. Personally i think like I am one step nearer to recovering from this diagnosis.
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