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By | February 23, 2021
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17yo, 5’2, 103lbs I have always been quite weak and unathletic. I wanted to improve that and become muscular, but I am just too weak to even do this. I can’t do a single push upward. I saw some muscular dude’s abdominal muscles workout video for beginners in youtube . com, but I was already dying right after 3 exercises and my muscle mass ached for a few days. I attempted other workout videos too plus same thing happened with them. Then I chose to do some easy exercises. I viewed some chick’s 15 min complete body workout for beginners and attempted it but I could only final five minutes, on top of that I was also doing it easy version of her exercise with no jumping. My muscles ached for a day after that too. This is why I am really weak and I how to start what to do. Should I go easier upon myself and do easier workouts? Or even should I endure the pain? But Also i have to study for school as well as the pain and tiredness distracts myself and I don’t want that. Exactly what should I do to stop being therefore weak?
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