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By | February 23, 2021
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I absolutely dont know what to do anymore. Personally i think like shit and i never seemed my insecurities got ever forced that far. I am 17. Social networking, instagram, reddit, porn, real life, the web and everyone around me appears perfect to me. At least from their appears. I know most of the time people are telling me personally and especially the young generation that every one of this isnt the real life plus faked and that nobody is perfect. Yet i slowly started feeling such as this isnt true. I see so many female i compare myself to on a regular basis and i feel like my mood has turned into a really unstable swinging monster. I actually cant even keep myself healthily happy for 1 hour straight mainly because i keep thinking about all of this continuously. I see woman who are skinny along with light and soft, firm epidermis, big boobs, puppet faces, level stomaches, no lines or marks and no crooked or big noses, small and what is supposed to be “sexy” or “cute”. I always had various insecurities but i feel really pressured today. I dont know if i was just an angsty teenager or even if this is normal, but entire body positivity just became a daily reason to me to feel “a small amount less shitty and lying in order to myself” thing. I feel like our skin is old, not company, i have cellulites, scars, a bigger nasal area, blackheads, not light and ideal shaped skin, no flat stomach, no porn body or excellence that i see in everyone about but me. And no matter just how much i try, i always end up envious and hateful and my feeling and mental health depends on others and how their perfect looks impact me. We need positivity! insecure #teen

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