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By | February 23, 2021
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I am tired.. im fckn tired of binge eating on food on a daily basis i feel upset and digusting i ate about 5k calories today i just could not stop idk why i do not restrict but i probably will not be eating tmrw because personally i think so full and bloated which i could just die😕i ate an entire jar of nutella, chocolate pubs and chips I miss the times (around 5years ago) when i got whatever i wanted without binging yet because i was body shamed within primary school for how thin i was i started overeating, once i gained i started restricting and today its been around 3years of binge eating idk how to eat like a fckn normal person i literally things my face with food particularly when i start feeling full.. the like when i feel full i simply eat and eat until we cant even move anymore Merely will have to live like this forever we rather kill myself Imagine sensation like this at 18? Im cryin while i type this i am not happy in this world and all that began because of my fckn school partner. Thanks a lot. I was a happy child now im just depressed female thats addicted to food Is there anyone who recovered from BED and has any kind of tips?
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