Read this : Heya, my friend is having troubles with their friend. I’m feeling really insecure about it and I just need a hand. (Advice Wanted)

By | February 23, 2021
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I am sorry for the length. I’ve had this particular friend for years, at the moment they are simple my only friend (I simply moved cities and now we’re long-distance pals). I already struggle with the idea that she might move on whilst I seem stuck failing to help make new friends. This hasn’t already been helped by her making a buddy that also lives long distance and it is a lot like me. I am trying to inform myself to be happy for her due to the fact I know we both have struggles producing new friends. Well there was an interval that we didn’t talk for a small amount because we were both pretty active. Now I’m on holidays and he or she always wanted to hang on discord right after work. It’s great, we began playing games together again and it seemed having my friend by my part again, even though we are cities aside. But as of past week this wounderful woman has been a bit distant and having a while to get back to me. The girl work has been hectic but it never truly stopped us before. Then I discovered the her other friend continues to be going through drama and they’ve already been having lengthy calls. So she gets no longer got energy to do something and she’s been feeling stressed about the things that her friend is certainly going through which makes her more worn out. I feel really bad because I am aware what that’s like. But Also i feel lonely because I don’t genuinely have any friends in this city. I am trying to be a good friend and psychologically be there for her. I’m really afraid that I’m going to unconsciously cut her off or create her cut her friend away (I don’t want to do that since that is just god awful). I am also afraid of losing my just friend. — Tl; dr my good friend has been spending more time and power with her new friend and it has been too exhausted to hang out there with me and I don’t know how to manage it healthily.
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