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By | February 23, 2021
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Hello there all! Seeing as we have more individuals here that will soon start actively playing Bravely Default 2 (or already are playing!! ), I think it would be excellent to have all of the job related info compiled at a single location : A Wiki. In the past I’ve used Neoseeker wiki for both Fearlessly Default and Bravely Second, therefore it is a great place to start compiling data with this game. The best thing about this wiki is the simple to access navigation links in the base. So very easy to go from reading through the job abilities from one job to a different. I’ve gone ahead and up-to-date the main page ( and the initial job Freelancer ( This should assist us copy the template with this job to paste it on to the other jobs and just update the important points. We can grab images from the established job page ( If you can perform a small update, like just revise a few abilities for one of the work, it’d be a great help. An individual create an account to make changes presently there, but it might help to keep track of it later on. So up to you. Thank you for reading.
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