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By | February 23, 2021
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Hey all! Long time lurker, but recently I’ve become active here. I believe because I’m making progress within my journey with BED, I’m a lot more eager to talk about it. This neighborhood seems so supportive and it’s good to know I’m not in this on your own. A little bit about me… I have fought with food for as long as I can keep in mind. When I was a young girl of approximately 10, my grandfather told me that when I “lost a little weight and set on some lipstick” I could be considered a model. What I’m sure was meant as a compliment started an unhealthy connection with food. Over the course of my life I have tried countless diets, WeightWatchers, and lastly after a traumatic event in my adulthood, I wound up bulimic with inadequate self esteem. I still battle with the particular urges of bulimia but right after getting a better grip on that will issue, I now find personally saddled with BED. Sure, there have been various windows of time in my existence when my eating was healthful and I was physically active and shape. But , the pendulum usually tends to swing back to the harmful habits. I just go on auto-pilot plus eat and eat and consume without paying much attention to what Now i am putting in my body. I’m heavier right now than I’ve ever been in my living. Thankfully, I have an awesome team associated with therapists who have helped me so much lately. I have been learning about mindfulness and feel training myself to be more conscious of what I’m eating and it’s vitamins and minerals. I’m learning to take my period while eating and to give the full attention to my meal plus body. As of this morning, one of the therapists prescribed Prozac to help myself with the “thought loop” that I usually find myself stuck in with regard to food. I’m a little anxious about the side effects, but at this point, We figure it’s worth a shot a minimum of. I also take Adderall to help using the cravings (I was on Vyvanse, but my new insurance would not cover it). Has anyone used these medications together? What provides your experience been? I also may want to be on these forever. We intend to just use the medications as being a tool while I “relearn” balanced diet habits. Any feedback on tapering off these medications and what I could expect when that time comes? Thanks a lot in advance!
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