Read this : For those of us who are children of BPD parents, here’s something we can remember if we have our own children:

By | February 23, 2021
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“No matter what lies ahead, children consistently need to know that they are loved and effective at loving… that feelings are not only mentionable but managable. ” Fred Rogers. Easily said, but when we view a child (I have two within my family) showing symptoms, I just pay attention. No interjections. Just listen. It is the best thing I can do. And when they are done, ask if I can give all of them a hug (physical abuse is real), and just pull them in my hands and say that sometimes grown-ups never truly grow up, and it might not seem reasonable – but there are always helpers close by. (I’m a fan of Mr Rogers) Individuals like my husband and I, or like Ganma, people who are there to listen and do enjoyable things with. When it comes to the parents, unless of course there are visible bruises, child solutions do nothing but counseling. That does not tend to work, from what I have heard in the mental health sectors. So it’s up to people who are shut enough to recovery to help these types of kids. That’s all I have with regard to today. Whew!
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