Read this : FINALLY reached the “angry” stage

By | February 23, 2021
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I have experienced every stage except the particular infamous “angry stage” till at this point. Well also maybe acceptance less than yet. Anyway: Almost 3 months within and I finally reached the upset stage. Never thought I would really feel angry towards her but right here I am. I always wish her the very best and want happiness for her. Certainly not felt any ill will toward her. But all of a sudden the last few times I’ve actually been angry that will 3 years are down the drain and that we’re able to of worked if she banging actually communicated before breaking up. And several of the things she said are usually absolute bullshit. You never knew myself? REALLY? Fuck outta here with this. You knew me better than anybody else. But now you’ll never know the new plus improved me. Anyway. Keep on grieving my friends.
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