Read this : Dunno if this counts but: Looking for the cheapest laptop that can just run CS:GO, ARMA 3 / DAYZ, squad, factorio, and maybe some casual streaming

By | February 23, 2021
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I am saving up for a PC but require something for school in the meantime plus don’t wanna get one JUST for college I just want it to be able to run or maybe stream those games in a high fps, (streaming is optional), be able to connect my USB or Bluetooth headset, have a decently size screen, etc etc etc (and everything else important to a gaming laptop) Obviously most of those things are optional, Really dont know much about computers and so i understand some of those might not exactly end up being cheap, preferably under 1, 1000 USD so if those things don’t affect anything cheap I’m okay along with going a bit over or losing out on a couple of those features but if you are interested in helping than if you can try to find one in that range
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