Read this : Does anyone have bpd and adhd, too?

By | February 23, 2021
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If you do, how are you managing it? Right now throughout Corona I get the feeling this gets out of hand, I was suicidal initially in my life and it scared me personally as fuck. I’ve been to treatment three times (the first two times within a clinic where I could go home such as it’s school – but which was because of depression). The third time has been once a week with a therapist because of the bpd and she was the first person who said I have adhd, the center first thought I had just rage issues and then switched to bpd (what’s right though, but they skipped the adhd – I know it could be difficult to identify). Healthcare is free of charge in my country but you have to wait around really long, but I think I am going to need therapy again. But occasionally I’m asking myself what they ought to tell me I don’t already know..
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