Read this : does anyone else start to hate the people they love?

By | February 23, 2021
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we didn’t know what title to put with this cause it’s so hard for me to describe and i feel like a horrible person considering these things but let me just try to explain. so this has happened along with my past two best friends(and most of my relationships but this particular feels different somehow). so ill be super close to my best friend, spend time all the time, have so much fun and really like each other so much, but out of no place i start to hate them. such as my best friend right now i used to think was your best person ever and i would certainly do anything for her and assisted her through everything. and a few several weeks ago, things just started pissing me off. i would get actually angry when she’d talk excessive and when she’d cut me away while speaking. i stopped getting as much patience. she also challenges with her own mental health issues, that i very much understand, but lately i simply can’t deal with them. it feels such as she makes me her counselor almost and she has a problem with all things and i have to help her via everything. that makes me extremely upset because i had to basically become a therapist for my abusive ex girlfriend or boyfriend a few years ago. sometimes i feel she’s trying to be manipulative or has been passive aggressive or just being a specific way that puts me away from and i just get SO angry i must take a break and not answer my mobile phone for a while. i feel like she’s a mixture of reminding me of myself as well as reminding me of my former mate sometimes and it makes me detest her. i haven’t seen the girl in days cause i am simply starting to hate her. i nearly just want to cut her out of my entire life because i get so furious because of these stupid things. but idk what i would do without the girl. i also am not sure if this is certainly even is because of bpd or something different. hope i’m not the only one that understand this haha.
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