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By | February 23, 2021
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I simply hate how fake it is. I simply finished some up training inside my job and yeah it obtained me off the phones for a bit, however it was so tedious I would possess rather been taking phone calls. The particular material is dry as the wilderness, boring to listen to, but I resented most how the trainers acted. Such as training isn’t real. It feels just like a 2nd grade class. And the some other students make it unbearable. You got the main one person who speaks for everyone, which is not that bad. But then you got the particular asshole who doesn’t know what something is. That you just have to sit back plus wonder how they even got the task in the first place. I just can’t bother in making myself care anymore, at least meant for training. I’ll do my work on the phones, but all this additional shit like spending any down-time looking at resources I couldn’t provide a fuck about. It sounds bad yet I’m in this job for the salary and the paycheck only. Everything else? Meh. I really don’t care that much regarding.
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