Read this : DAE Not wanting anyone to help you, or feeling like you deserve the help.

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I am getting pretty tired of people who i used to be once close to wanting to help me and obtain me to vent and to discuss stuff. even after stating i’m BPD. almost like they’re taking me as being a joke, like they’re testing just how bad i can get? i’ll demonstrate to them if they want and get them to back again the fuck off. I don’t really want anyone’s help, really, i don’t think that i deserve it, i don’t wish them to see me that way, dont really think they deserve to be subjected to it. even those who know how i could react still want to help plus i’ve been pushing them aside. i just dont want it. a lot of people do not know what they’re in for which is section of the reason why i don’t always want to assist individuals, as weak minded as i are i can’t help others along with much of anything unless i can straight relate. useless. edit: me not really opening up to people has done me a lot more good than harm so far, except if i’m having a breakdown, then it seems like agony.
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