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By | February 23, 2021
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Discord server for the same- Subreddit / Community for the same – (Please join the item if you wanna join our organization! If you’d like to stay in your own private club or not join this groupe, then still feel free to join my discord and subreddit )Points as part of bold are notes by the Manager (me). I’m one of the Vice President’s of our club. My account player is Tribe|Vivek. Our President had written this and asked me to revise this … Or maybe I’m it behind his back. The only way you are going to find out is if you join any club … Or I guess within the could dm me or discuss on reddit you’ll find out. However let’s just ignore that just a portion! Rules of the Club- Don’t submission the president or the vice president when it comes to promotion. It will be given after seeing ways active you are. And how good we all play the game. (you will be spectated) (That sounds creepy. I’m sure he was joking … at least Since i hope)
Don’t spam invite generally the President or Vice Presidents. (Feel free to spam me tho. Presenting always lonely …; )
You should not be a good player to enter all club. If you want to play with the chief executive or vice president(it’s their intend if they want to. Don’t force them) then you need to satisfy the following unique codes: I) Above 15000 trophies II) Not toxic III) Proper money market understanding the game and good coordination utilizing team. (Or just dm my eyes, I’ll play with y’all even if you are not so good. I’m pretty sure your at least better than me. ) MEMES ARE ALMOST ALWAYS STRICTLY NEEDED! (I added where it, don’t tell the president pls)
Don’t try to friend the vice president or vice presidents unless you have a IRL (in real life) acquaintance of them. (Feel free to friend to me xD)
Must watch all the article creators such as Kairos, Lex, OJ, BT1, Rey, Tom, Spen, Portable appliance testing, etc as regularly as they can certainly. You must be subscribed to them when possible. (Also watch therealwaseem! He’s essentially underrated! And of course … THE ALL OF THESE MASTER, THE BRAWL GUY, MR.. INNAPROPRIATE DIRTY GEMMING CANYADIGIT, A GUY WITH THE SPEED, VERSATILITY, QUICKNESS, FLEXIBLENESS, MR. JUST HIT PUBERTY BEN, SPEN-TASTIC AND OF COURSE, CHEIF CAT ROMANTIC MR. GEMS)
Gifting gems perhaps google play gift cards are accepted (unless your broke like us) (Gems … when will I i personally get you)
MUST LAUGH IN VICE PRESIDENT TRIBE|VIVEK’S MEMES (LOL) (Seriously tho, laugh at my memes yet I’ll promote you … maybe)
There should be no trophy shaming in club. Remember that the skill concerns, not the trophies (But really should hit 50 k, then we will talk about it) (It might be they can just have bad luck and get matched featuring bad randoms)Takes one to know it Mr. President! 9 yr olds are allowed. Just don’t be dangerous (#STOPTHENON-TOXIC9YEAROLDSABUSE)
No swearing or your answering machine messages will get reported and you might get restricted. You wanna swear? Well then nearly be like Jacky and type *drill* wherever you wanna type and the swear word. (*drill* yea! )
Don’t spam and and almost always ask people to add you back onto the club in case you are removed a celebrity. (Feel free to spam me for anyone who is removed! I’ll probably ignore all of us … but don’t let that attract your spirits down! )
(as an afterthought, pls push trophies as much as you can… if you are not able to, its fine. Everyone has rough lines. Just try your best! ) MOREOVER, AN IMPORTANT NOTICE! WE OFTEN HAVE SCRIMS (SCRIMMAGE MATCHES) hosted by corruption presidents, AND IT WOULD BE AWESOME SHOULD YOU COULD JOIN US! You will be informed in the friendly matches are gonna come to pass and a lucky few will be chosen to play with us! And don’t be aggravated from hosting your own scrims and as well , tournaments! We’ll try our best to join the ones you like! I usually … ummm … find yourself losing these scrims, so I can need your guys help. Sign up at the club and save people from losing … or just follow along me suffer. I’m sure that likely to be entertaining too. (Note from Tribe|Vivek, Vice President of our club and the out of work fellow who edited this quick “Don’t tell my president Travelling to saying this, but if you work for Starr Park, you may be denied entry. Confidentially slip me a few gems and also I’ll just act as if I fail at this know you exist. K? ” )
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