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By | February 23, 2021
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Fundamentally my daily life become a cycle about -I want to kill myself -I want to bathe in my blood -oh I’m excited, maniac, things maintain me busy which leads to : I’m 100% spaced out plus dissociating – I feel empty : I feel like living or perishing doesn’t matter it’s the same — I feel like wasting my period, life away then I realize I actually do nothing and can’t do nothing — My crazy repression crawls upon he door trying to make me shed! y mind – Crazyness appealing me to go into the void — I’m stressed, anxious, mad — I’m Okey, everything fine : I’m ain’t even crazy rofl and having experiencing all this more often than once a single day… I’m not even certain what to do but sometimes feels like demise is a cool option because it would end this but then again I love myself an excessive amount of just to fail on another committing suicide attempt but then again I’m more scared my mind will collapse, night will crawls out to let the unidentified horrors walk in sunlight, which means loosing myself to void and find out my unbecoming. I’m afraid yet I’m strong in heart however the things I see and I despise occasionally justifies… This world should burn
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