Read this : Canon and Fugue in Gmaj for two Trumpets and Trombone

By | February 23, 2021
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Hi everyone! I recently finished a cannon and fugue for brass trio. I would greatly appreciate some playability feedback about the fugue which begins at 1: 45, measure thirty. I am particularly worried about the need for inhaling and exhaling. There are many tied notes and couple of rests but that is because We don’t like the unnatural way in which noteperformer and Sibelius stop the records. I expect the performers to become be able to breath at points betwen phrases (or within them, in times), but I am not sure. Specifically, I am worried about the trombone component starting at measure 52 (min 3: 09) until the end. Naturally , any other type of feedback, comment or even suggestion about the piece itself can also be appreciated. Thank you for listening and wish you like it! Link to Video
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