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By | February 23, 2021
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Brandy Review #14 (Network #248) — Copper & Kings Butchertown 62%ABV, NAS, blend of brandies from ex-bourbon and new oak, ~$60 regionally, this is a sample from a friend I wish to start out on the right foot right here. I like Copper & Kings. These people local, and creative, and I wish to support them and see them flourish. Lord knows the US could use high-end brandy so I’m not trapped throwing my wallet (again) inside my favorite overseas importer for some life(wallet)-ruining JLP. With that being said, I’m yet to get that C& K bottle that is certainly hit a home run for me. To become fair, I haven’t had a great deal of their offerings, but what We’ve had (American, Floodwall Apple) have already been good but unimpressive. I’ve obtained some optimism for this one. Shows – strong jammy/fruit cobbler existence throughout the nose and palate Lowlights – It’s probably mostly the particular proof, but the pour gets just a little muddled and brash on the taste buds. I could proof it down and find out what happens, but I score almost everything neat.. just feels like it manages to lose itself halfway through a bit, when that makes sense A Few Tasting Records – cherry/blackberry cobbler, cherries, lemon rind, almost a funky old-fashioned vibe going on. raisin bread, anise Thoughts/Overall – OK, now I’m the believer. This doesn’t have the nuance, difficulty, and balance of something like the JLP or Pouchegu, but it also does not have the age and price tag behind this. I like the counterplay between the sweet taste and the barrel influence. This is a bourbon drinker’s brandy.. and since Now i am a bourbon drinker.. yum. Excellent – especially so for the availability/cost. 78/100
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