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By | February 23, 2021
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The husbands job is now in workplace, but due to Covid he’s only. It’s a rather mindless job presently (think cleaning, organizing) and he actually enjoys listening to audiobooks. I was normally the bookworm in our house… but their tastes and interests are quite distinct from mine so I’m at a slight loss as far as what to recommend! Elements he’s read and liked up to now kind of fall into three categories. Imagination, mystery and non fiction journey. Some he’s liked so far: -the Witcher series -Harry Potter -lord of the rings -Comoran strike collection – Robert Galbraith (jk Rowling) -wild – Cheryl strayed -into the wild -into thin air (krakauer wrote both I believe? ) He or she loves the inspiring feel good journey books, but also loved the hit series so much I think he’d like to get into another good mystery series. The particular Witcher/lord of the rings series has been probably as deep into imagination as he would want to go (no steering wheel of time for this guy). He will not care for some of my favorites (more detailed fantasy, classic literature, mobster books) Bonus points if it’s lengthy, or a series of multiple books. He is read/listened to 10 books this season so far and would love something higher commitment for all his work hrs.
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