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Years back I read a book whose primary point was about how a man obtained over the loss of his young child (iirc). But in it he described he a system he had in his freelancer work of ranking the many tasks he was working on. Factors integrated internal energy (how much this individual felt drawn to the project) plus external energy (other people thinking about or pushing the project). There was other factors but I can’t recall all of them. It keeps coming to mind when i try to manage my own projects these days. I cannot for the life of me personally remember anything else about the book that could help me find it again, but We are now in a place where I want some strategy to manage multiple freelance-type projects that I’m trying to get off the floor. I would love suggestions on textbooks around topics of how to self-manage multiple projects without external deadlines. I’m not in sales therefore those kind of books don’t assist much. Thanks!
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