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By | February 23, 2021
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Therefore last september, I heard whispers about the d2 remake, and believed what the hell, lets install Diablo 2 for old times benefit. I purchased both diablo two and the expansion, and installed. I had been unable to connect to Battle. net. We scoured the forums, tried create fix I could find, but it simply wasnt working. I figured the actual hell, I would try to figure this out later. Kind of forgot about this. Fast forward to February. The particular Resurrected trailer got all my buddies excited, and they all installed diablo 2 . Running no problem. Well i have some FOMO, and so I open the ticket with support. After a couple of days of going through the support actions, I get this lame ass information from a tech. ​ Hey there We are Game Master Ingrothar and I wish you’re well today. I’m sorry it might be taken so long to get back to you, jooxie is very busy at the moment and we are going to trying to answer as fast as possible. Hey there, I could see you had problems logging into your Diablo II classic account and now i am here to speak with you relating to this. Your account’s IP is restricted till the 3rd of June 2021 and really should be playable then on Diablo II, we have no way of switching this off in the mean period and you must wait for the suspension system to end. I am sorry I was unable to assist you to but I do hope you have a excellent week. ​ How in the heck did I get a 9 30 DAYS SUSPENSION to a game I was not able to even play? How does one of the biggest AAA developers in the world consider this acceptable in order to paying customers? There are literally lots of stories of this happening to people within the forums, yet they refuse to deal with the issue. I have asked for a return and have yet to hear back, yet honestly how can you continue to sell the broken game that doesn’t work for numerous people? By the time I am finally capable of login, the remake will be away anyways. But this response is simply one more thing in a laundry-list of explanations why Blizzard has absolute trash customer care, and another reason why I should most likely suck it up and delete the blizzard games. End Rant
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