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I am going to come up with an unpopular proposal right here. Tanks are really bad in the meta as they just get countered by almost anything that is added to the game. Interestingly there exists a place where tanks are quite meta and that’s the winner slot machine of the map maker. It seems in my experience that the community has spoken plus Supercell doesnt listen. Of course there are several maps that are really bad specially when there are very short games. However some of them have a Tank meta but nevertheless are not completely troll and really enjoyable like the 1vs1 in Bounty or even yesterdays mini version of dual swoosh just to name two of these.
Supercell has additional Flooded Dam, Arene en Folie and Encirclement which are great roadmaps but support the meta brawlers. Why does Supercell hesitate to bring a few of the more tank friendly maps within regular rotation? Of course they must decided wisely but I think that enables say two of them could be additional easily. What is your opinion? Do not downvote if you disagree but reveal your thoughts with me.
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