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By | February 23, 2021
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Hi guys, so I was recently approved to CPP as a transfer that was great news since this was my best choice! I have a bit of a problem tho and wasn’t sure where to go and so i came here. I’m a CIS major and I have to send in the transcript by March 15th, to the CSU application I put which i was going to take Math 130 (Survey of Calculus) this semester yet never ended up taking it since i have had so many other classes plus couldn’t fit it in. Can anyone offer some advice on the things i should do or who I should speak with? Bit nervous because I hope this particular doesn’t get my admission rescinded, that would suck I’ve taken the rest of the classes I put on my app and passed all my “Golden Four” classes, I would also be willing to take those Math course in the summer. Any guidance is appreciated, thanks!
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