Tiffany Dover Death – Obituary : Tennessee Nurse Dies After Covid Injection, Not Confirmed.

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Tiffany Dover Death – Obituary : Tennessee Nurse Dies After Covid Injection, Not Confirmed.

We regret to report that nurse Tiffany Dover has reportedly passed away, according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today December.  19, 2020.
Reports are that Tiffany Dover, the nurse who fainted on television after receiving the vaccine inoculation, has died. Hard to confirm right now, since we know this would be the pro-vaccine people’s worst PR nightmare and they will want to cover it up. 


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.
Claire Sloan Haight wrote
I think she has passed on, if so , please may her beautiful soul RIP. What a generous human to take the risk for us all.Jackie Bourque wrote
Ok Can someone look over the part where she gets the poke.
I played it like 8 times. The needle looks like it may be behind her arm. ( or just a trick of my eyes) I can see the plunger being pushed down. However when the nurse puts her finger over the Injection site, it looks like to me that the spot where the nurse put her finger is this side of where the needle looked like it went in. Have a look and see what you think.Lene Hansson wrote
why would a hospital use a nurse, that faints all the time?… It is not likely?…. a vaccine that has only 8-10 months of age, is not safe!… don’t do it! I think she was told what to say afterwards….;O(Sue Baldwin wrote
Rumor has it she passed. Certainly hope that isn’t true.Gaurav Tripathi wrote
Still much of the vaccines safety profile and potential side effects are to be known and such things will come as vaccination will increase.#TrialcontinuesAndrew Souther wrote
I can’t believe she passed but we were warned by Miko vitz

CC Sikar wrote
They stand in front to block it she is DEAD AND THEY ARE COVERING IT UP PFIZER MUST PAY

Erika Trejo wrote
Happened to me with the vaccines required to live on campus. I’m sure she was super nervous.

Nitin Kumar wrote
Seems these vaccine has been approved in haste

Rick Grover wrote
There’s a post That just came on soial media her family saying she passed away

Paige Prusse wrote
Has anyone looked at the side effects on FDA ..yikes
Mukund Bhargava
And they are asking government to indemnify them against suits.

Dustin Rohrbach wrote
Her FB profile does not say she is a head nurse it says she is a CEO at Business is Business. A food service business.

It’s a vasovagal syncope and it may happen with any injection bcos it’s a body response to pain caused by the prick and not related to the injected substance. This is an excellent example of misleading Media.

Cherie Reel wrote
Reading these comments is hilarious. But I am from Chattanooga and worked with both Doctors it is not fake and she is fine.

Fiorenza Della Torre wrote
it’s been 6 days since she disappeared from her Instagram profile and no one answers the questions of followers who want to know how she is no one answers, no friends or relatives, no one who writes to silence the news of her death. WHY?

Muhammad Ahmad wrote
It’s all a lie, A big cover up. This vaccine isn’t safe at all,please do not take it. There’s an agenda behind this…

Sue Bullock wrote
Update, someone found a video of her from before. She’s a actress, just like I thought. Look at the comments below, however they deleted the video.
Because it’s not real, bad actress. I don’t believe the doctors are real either. Did you see how they acted. Sure didn’t look like someone was in trouble.

Jaspreet Boparai wrote
Why would she be put up front for a newsbite if she had a history of fainting?
If indeed she recovered shortly, why is another interview showing her all well not up there to stop the rumors?

Emily Love wrote 
Well is she alive can we get her to come back on TV and tell her us the people how shes doing its only the right thing to do who would want to take the vaccine after seeing that righ!!