Ernie Serrano Death – Obituary : Deputies in Riverside County California just beat a man to death.

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Ernie Serrano Death – Obituary : Deputies in Riverside County California just beat a man to death.

We regret to report that  Ernie Serrano has passed away after he was severely beating by deputies in riverside county Carlifornia, according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today December.  18, 2020.
This man Ernie Serrano was murdered by the Jurupa Valley Deputies.  This man was just trying to buy cookies. Please Twitter spread his story this man need justice! .
Ernie Serrano Death – Obituary : Deputies in Riverside County California just beat a man to death.



The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Krista Kitchen wrote
All I have to say is DEFUND THE POLICE….
We should not back down on this, don’t let them take it away, or try to change it, we say defund for a reason..
We let them disband the Black Panthers, and now they want to say BLM is a terrorist group, but we are stronger than this
Don’t let them get away with this anymore.

Dina Prowell Krista wrote
God sees all and those animals will reap what they sowed .karma is waiting on each and everyone involved in this murder.

Sara Recchia wrote
I would never be able to just stand there while they whacked someone over and over again with a baton. NEVER

Sam Sebastianelli wrote
This was so difficult to watch. Cops should be compelled to take psychology classes at the minimum and undergo empathy training. Also need better vetting practices to avoid recruiting ethnocentric racists.

Michelle Mondorf wrote
This occurred in a community not to far from me. You don’t need to be any particular race, belong to any specific organization, or belong to any particular party to understand that what we saw in this video is beyond wrong. Thank you Shaun King for bringing light to this incredibly sad story and helping this family get the help it desperately needs. Rest In Peace Ernie!

Matt Ryan wrote
Nobody brings up who is doing the vetting for hiring these inept dangerous twits.

Stephen Dashner wrote
End qualified immunity, prosecute under color of law. Once a few are executed for murdering the citizens of this country, they may start to change.

Kamariah Kay wrote
Most of these cops suffers from mental illness. They are the REAL threat to our communities. We need well trained POs that are mentally evaluated before responding to situations like this.

Yasmin Adly wrote
Growing up in Egypt and watching american movies and cartoons made me dream of the day i visit America, made me trust that when u call 911 they will get there in minutes and make it safe, they will catch the criminal and the victim will get justice. but lately with all of these videos of police brutality, it made me realise that that was only in the movies. Sadly more people r dying everyday and it seems to be getting worse.

Robert Phillips wrote
These are cops with wild animal instinct, the guy with the baton beating the man is clearly out of control,then the rest of the vultures move in and kill the man, of course no one will be held accountable because police policeing the police!

Eric Kreis wrote
He was just standing there and they murdered him? I’d like to say I’m shocked, but I really can’t.

Tina Marie Gillispie wrote
I dont know how people can speculate on this video – no sound or back story on what happened. Assumptions are made without clear facts.

Donna Braendel wrote
This is a brutal murder. Not one thing will ever justify this. Not one. Defund these ghouls and start OVER.

George Miller wrote
these are not police they are criminals wearing police uniforms . the funding of police needs to address this sort of thing .

Steve Miller wrote
At some point……there will be many police cars burning, and blood running in the streets.
*Who* can watch this, and then cry about windows being broken?

Angel Lugo wrote
What always gets me about these things is the police always outnumber the person yet seem to have trouble with one guy .

Jess Caputi wrote
5 of those fat f#$ks couldn’t arrest 1 unarmed person without killing him? And then they can’t figure out why we are mad! .

Samantha Burket wrote
I know he didn’t actually DO anything, but what are they trying to claim this man did?!?

Katie DeNeutte wrote
Sometimes I get to a point like I cant watch anymore of these videos and I remind myself that’s my privilege to be able to turn away. I watch these because even though I can’t relate I can recognize, even though I can’t empathize I can sympathize. My frustration is miniscule to what black folks have lived through in generations, I see you and I hear you. I can’t apologize for them but I can stand with you. #BlackLivesMatter

Ryan Fayard wrote
First of all we don’t have the whole story. And secondly, you know what he’s not doing? Complying. Say what you want, but not complying only escalates the situation. You can defund the police all you want, but how do you compensate for a lack of common sense and simple intelligence?

Thomas Dillon wrote
Lots of people become Cops because they can do this.
Remember George Floyd. The cop healed on his neck on camera until he was dead. That’s what most Cops believe they can get away with.