Triple Beanz Killed : Video Show Newark NJ Rapper Triple Beanz Shot Dead.

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Triple Beanz Killed : Video Show Newark NJ Rapper Triple Beanz Shot Dead.

Officials in Newark New Jersey has confirmed the death of a local rapper know as Triple Beanz. The 29 years-old rapper whose real name is Corey Thompson was fatally shot by masked gun men on the 300 block of Avon Avenue in the City of Newark at approximately 12:54 pm.
Footage of the shooting was posted on the crime media site Hoodsite


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Ghost Ghost wrote 
People gotta be more careful and watch they surroundings If not the same shit will continue to happen he didn’t even see It coming sad shit. It’s sacrificing season yall In the day light come on that was a dam hit like a mf. It’s going to be more that drop before the year end

Just Adab wrote 
There is zero he could do to change his outcome. Maybe do more to check his tail but damn. These dudes were militant. That’s some shockingly scary shit.

Tyler ferguson wrote 
if you live that life I have no remorse for you cause this comes with the territory, better start rapping positive and staying out the way

ALESIA Nichols wrote 
Too many up and coming artists are being set up. Damn. They become famous after they are killed. Who gets the money the artist make once they are killed. This. Stuff is so crazy. EVERYONE PLEASE STAY PRAYED UP AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN YOUR CIRCLE.

SammiMendozaTV wrote 
Ima say it 2020 has all of us some type of way and when people would say that second stimulus won’t help other losing homes and trying to make ends meet people are just getting frustrated

Jae KIDd Cents wrote 
It don’t matter if U A 1 hit wonder rapper or a irrelevant rapper
It aint safe 2 be a rapper or a rappers friend
It’s because all these rappers talk so much ush for so long now the streets want to see if they really bout it they don’t want no more snitch9ine rappers Capitalizing off the streets