King Von Shooting : King Von Autopsy Leaked to the Media.

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King Von Shooting : King Von Autopsy Leaked to the Media.

We regret to report that rapper Kin Von has passed away after a fatal shooting incident in Atlanta, Ga, according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today November.  10, 2020.

One person has been arrested in connection to the death of rapper King Von in Atlanta, police said.

Timothy Leeks, 22, is in police custody while at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, where he is receiving treatment for a gunshot wound, according to the Atlanta Police Department. The Atlanta Police Homicide Unit has arrest warrants against Leeks for felony murder.
King Von was at an Atlanta lounge when an argument began that left several people shot and two men dead, including Chicago rapper King Von. Von, 26, had been signed to fellow Chicago rapper Lil’ Durk’s “Only the Family” record label. Now a man has been charged with felony murder in connection with King Von’s death. That man, who authorities say is named Timothy Leeks, is currently in police custody at a hospital while being treated for gunshot wounds.


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Leah Santiago wrote 

It’s not even funny like people settin it as they pfp on Tiktok Nd shi.I woke up at 3am n got on Tiktok cause I couldn’t go back to sleep Nd I was scrolling on there Nd they said that his autopsy photo was leaked then I saw it as somebody pfp then I stayed up cause I couldn’t go to sleep the picture is stuck in my head and I’m in my zoom class sleeping Nd I reported they account twice but I also saw a video of someone sayin they found the person who leaked the photo but ion know if he the actual person that leaked it. And some people saying it’s also a video not only a photo they needa let Dayvon rest. LLKV

Mood blue wrote 
i love how you did not show his picture while these other d bags on youtube, acted like they gave a frick WHILE exposing it themselves. and it’s just sad and completely disrespectful.

monica webster wrote 
1:17 why would you say it’s at a disrespect from fans who love him and miss him you got it wrong they are sharing the photos because they miss somebody who they loved A lot of people really think they know celebrities personally so they’re just it’s like a family member where you want to see him after you pass during the weekend the funeral too just imagine if beyoncé died who’s not going to want to see her the photos you know when she passed so I think you’re wrong saying that it’s disrespectful because they’re doing it out of love for him

HNTG Bishop wrote 
question how the picture look I just found out today his autopsy was leaked I was going to look at the picture but I have a weak stomach and I hate seeing dead bodys so I only at his face he didn’t even look the same
Anyway its still bad that they leak the photo but was it just his dead body or it was his dead body cut open and you could a see inside ?

LifeAsRayy wrote 
I don’t care Mann this is beyond ignorant and disrespectful to the family especially because people was laughing and making jokes out of it…Me seeing him like that broke my heart because I really like him and now he’s gone because of a situation that could’ve been handled differently.

moneymovado wrote 
Typical nigga shit, the only race of people that make violet music and call it a culture black folks really need to wake up. Just remember music alters the mood rap about things that’s productive or uplifting to the black race we been through too much to be making it worse on ourselves. Don’t forget the devil was the chief musician in heaven food for thought.