California Coronavirus : Judge Ordered San Quentin State Prison to Reduce Its Population

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California Coronavirus : Judge Ordered San Quentin State Prison to Reduce Its Population.

Three fourths of the prison population at San Quentin State Prison in Marin County have been infected, with 28 prisoners dead and 22,000 infected.

The COVID-19 pandemic has now claimed the lives of 28 incarcerated individuals and one guard. 55-year-old Ron Lee Joffrion survived the brutal past few months at San Quentin, and discussed his experiences in a testimonial written to San Quentin News.

As as result of this surge of coronavirus in San Quentin, a California court ordered San Quentin State Prison to reduce its population by one-half — to about 1,700 inmates — as a way to safeguard prisoners by allowing for proper spacing to limit coronavirus infections. 

Without a significant reduction in the prison’s population, it is not a question of if another COVID-19 spike will happen at San Quentin, it is a question of when.
California Coronavirus : Judge Ordered San Quentin State Prison to Reduce Its Population.


Jason Jen Hoffman wrote 
And the news just keeps getting better and better. No wonder people are leaving California in a mass exodus!

Ans Rich wrote 
If the beloved masks that they force on us work then this shouldn’t be an issue. Letting out inmates because of a virus makes zero sense.

Michael Alawneh wrote 
How is a contact virus making it into a prison. If anything it should be one of the safest environments around. Otherwise why are all of us healthy and somewhat free people quarantined

Kris Church wrote 
Great idea! Let them lose in the streets of our cities. I’m sure they have all been rehabilitated. We’ve got nothing to be concerned about. California crazy! More concern for criminals than the safety of the public. Why am I not surprised.

Earl Smith wrote 
Sure, I’m quite certain that the criminals will rush right home to quarantine, socialist distance and not loot or riot. (that’s sarcasm for those of you that don’t habla.) I know one thing they’ll really do for sure is throw on a mask to hide their Identity for the first robbery they commit when they get out.

Denise Westrick wrote 
I moved out of southern CA in August 2019 after retiring from county government. I am so glad not to be dealing and living with the mess so many politicians have made of the state.

Nerak Ramsgirl wrote 
Let’s just allow all criminals out. Screw the victims. Screw keeping the public safe. That’s not important. Makes perfect sense.

Tee Jayy wrote 
If you’re letting that many prisoners free, then you should also allow law abiding citizens to carry legally as well.

Rex Peca wrote 
What will it take for California to AT LEAST go purple in its policies and thinking? It’s become the insane running the asylum.

Bel Ponce Ozuna wrote 
It’s all about money. That property is worth a good chunk of money so this is an excuse so California can sell this property.

Julie Ackerman Anderson wrote 
If they wear masks they should be safe right? If they quarantine then they should be fine too? Six foot rule? I guess these ridiculous “rules” apply to us but not criminals….humm!

Mike Garcia wrote 
As long as prison officials (the ones who get to go home) are following all the rules, coronavirus shouldn’t get into the prison. Thus those prisoners should be safe. Next time dont break the law.

Mike Gresham wrote 
No money no taxes coming in..state cant afford to feed them and insure the…wake up America U.S.A is in a deficit that is approaching history of THE GREAT DEPRESSION…There is an agenda …Everyone must wake up and UNITE AND TAKE A STAND VS THIS CORRUPT GOVT.