Steele Mclaren of Iowa Involved in a Horrific Accident.

Prayers are going up for Steele Mclaren  who was involved in a horrific accident , according to several statements posted on social media.

Although there was no statement on the type of accident Steele Mclaren was involved in, but a family member confirmed the accident on twitter.

Reacting to the incident Megan Myers wrote on Facebook

Sometimes I complain that Atlantic doesn’t have much to offer. Tonight, I admit, I have been proven wrong. Atlantic has the small town pride and the small town prayer warriors fiercely rallying together. Today, a very tragic accident happened to one amazing young man.
I hold his family close to my heart for several reasons even if we don’t see each other much. This family is spending their night praying, crying, asking God why, pacing a waiting room waiting for answers to see if Steele will pull through. By the grace of God he will. The entire community and other communities have shown an outpour of love and prayers being sent to the McLaren family. Dear Lord, bless the steady hands of the medical staff and wrap your arms around Steele’s family and friends. He will pull through this.
Becky Nissen on Facebook joined those praying for Steele Mclaren  with the following statements 
Dear Heavenly Father, we pray for this young man. We pray for healing. Please give the doctors the wisdom and knowledge that they need, to help his body fully recover. We pray for his family, as I am sure that they are very worried. Wrap your arms around them, and give them peace and comfort right now. Thank you for being stronger than we are. Amen.
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