Joe Biden Set to Win the Election in November


Joe Biden Set to Win the Election in November

They’re all hiding. Joe isn’t “preparing for the debate”. Why would he? They feed him the questions ahead of time. He’s hiding from the Hunter debacle. Everyone believed a fake dossier tying Trump to Russia….And here’s proof Biden sold us out to China for personal profit, and they are trying to ignore it.

I wish you well sir. Rest & recover….. and stop pushing & moaning about masks cause you have & your crew have went on and on about them and saying you wear them all the time. Obviously you’re at risk with or without them and shouldn’t shame those who can not wear them for various reasons. Hope you have a mild or asymptotic case as majority have.

laughable, the Democrats are so scared, but he went to his daughters wedding with no problem! The fear they generate cracks me up!

If he’s following his own draconian precautions he shouldn’t get it, right?

Trump must use the final debate to focus on himself instead of fighting with Biden. Trump must talk to viewers who don’t ever hear anything good about him in the media.
On corruption, Trump must say that he does not take a salary, his children work for free and he has given up billions from his private business to serve as president. Adding that his opponent cannot claim to be corrupt-free. On performance, Trump must say that his opponent cannot point to anything useful he did for anyone.
And remember, use make-up, stand straight, and smile.

Didn’t he wear a mask? I can’t believe he’s that irresponsible. This is all his fault

Murphy exposed people all this time? What was he doing at a Saturday event when reports show spreads are from social engagements? Isn’t he one of those people criticizing Trump for his Presidential events? Seems mask wearing is not a 100% secure preventative. Hopefully he will come through ok and learn all Americans can be exposed at any time. We are never 100% safe with this virus. The shaming game needs to stop!

Lying Joe can’t “prepare”, since he has dementia! Only his handlers can prepare. So he’s becoming worse and they have to hide him!

My immediate reaction was GOOD and im wrong for that but at the same time there has been pics time and time again with him in public areas ….NO MASK …although he mandated it. I guess one of the pics must be true then.

BIG FREAKING WHOOP. A positive testing for Coronavirus is NOT A DEATH SENTENCE.
The media has been trying to brainwash people that “cases” matter more than “fatalities”, in direct opposition of previous reporting of (still ongoing) “pandemics” like AIDS, Tuberculosis, Influenza, etc….

Joe et al with their Plan-demic. Haha, #Trump2020. The angels of God are voting and will vote for President Trump if the American people don’t. God’s purpose for America will be fulfilled because of His Children that reside there.

They R Exposed and they self quarantine. These people r running r country . We r exposed everyday while we work . These pencil ✏️ pushers r a joke . We need to elect hard working blue collar people into office . Hell I bet with a couple good people and a secretary I’ll do a better job than these punks .
Well then shouldnt kamala Harris be quarantined too? She was exposed to 2 ppl in her crew…and shes not quarantined. Shes out telling lies and dancing in the rain. Why ??

I think Kamala Harris had it. She looked terrible on the second day of the Barrett hearings. Then quickly quarantined after 2 staff members tested positive. A sneaky way to hide that she had it.

I really wish him well from the bottom of my heart. I also would like to know why is this happening to well isolated and masked people in the areas in our country that are still in locked down. Scientists have some explaining to do.

I think that after all the riots, protests and rallies for your candidate we should either have it or be dead! I think we have been lied to!🤷🏻‍♀️ I believe there is something out there just not as bad as the media is making it out to be.

Why should there be quarantines if everyone is forced to wear masks in public places and social distancing?! Apparently they weren’t following the guidelines set by the government at the meeting! The only person that needs to stay home is the person that tested positive

More than 1,000 current and former staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have hit out at Donald Trump’s coronavirus response. I do not expect many likes here but this is the judgement from people closest to this.