President Trumps aid Hope Hicks Has Tested Positive to Covid-19

President Trumps aid Hope Hicks has tested positive to Covid-19 according to several media reports .

Hicks is among the highest-profile members of the administration to test positive and is in frequent contact with President Trump.

Hicks, who serves as counselor to the president and traveled with him to a rally Wednesday, tested positive Thursday, according to an administration official.

Hope Hicks, President Trump's close aide, tests positive for COVID-19 | KTLA

Hope Hicks traveled with Donald Trump to the debate. She did not wear a mask that evening. The failure of the Trump administration to take the coronavirus seriously put Joe Biden and countless others in harms way.

Hope Hicks traveled on AF1 with Trump for Tuesday’s debate, along with 20 to 30 aides and family members and was seen not wearing a mask that evening by reporters. Hicks was also on the plane to Minnesota Wednesday night, along with Kushner and Scavino.

Reacting to the story a man who identifies himself simply as southpaw with a twitter handle @nycsouthpaw wrote

I hope Hope Hicks has a swift and complete recovery and that the people with whom she has been in contact take self-quarantining, protecting others from this terrible disease, and allowing public health experts to lead on the issue more seriously than they have to date.
JRehling wrote 
If Donald Trump has been exposed to Coronavirus through Hope Hicks or anyone else, he should be isolated for approximately two weeks now, close to the time of the second debate, and not exposing anyone, including Secret Service agents, to himself.

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