Quentin McCord Death -Dead – Obituary : U.K former Wildcats wide receiver dies at 42.

Quentin McCord Death -Dead – Obituary : U.K former Wildcats wide receiver dies at 42.

We regret to report that  The University of Kentucky former Wildcats wide receiver, Quentin McCord, has passed away at the age of 42., according to to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today August 13, 2020.


Cause of Death.

We have not cause of the information for the deceased right now, this story will be updated once we have that information.


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

Quentin McCord passed today. Fighting and Pain is over. R.I.P. 🙏🙏

Posted by Arron Hughes on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Pro Player Solutions wrote
So truly sad. Loved Q not for what he brought on the field but off. Soft spoken, great smile and so very kind. He gave us all some great memories. He will be so very missed.

Charlie C Darrington wrote
Prayers goes out to his family from his BBN family.

Terry Shelton wrote
Rest in peace Quentin McCord, may God bless and keep your family.

Larry W Dickerson wrote
What??? Man, he was a beast on the field and a great guy off! Prayers for his family and The BBN

Nick Cooper wrote
So sad he was one of my favorite people

Trae Cunningham wrote
Prayers to the family

Donna Faye Cox wrote
Oh my, I am so sorry to hear this. He was always such a great young man! He will he missed!

#BBN and I are saddened today by the loss of former Kentucky Football player Quentin McCord he was 42 years old. Taken way too soon my thoughts and prayers are with him and the McCord family. #BBN and I Love U Quentin and may you Rest In Peace.


Peter Weelmaa
somebody gave it to the police they didn’t just pick her out of the phone book. the ex boyfriend may be responsible for Breonna’s death.. He is the one the police wanted. his record is violent and has shot at police on other arrest. Breonnas mistake was getting involved with a career criminal,. It wouldn’t be the first innocent person being killed because they new or hung out with a criminal

Shannon Mize
He’s not too smart is he. She had involvement because she was with you and you placed her in harms way. The tragedy that happened was a direct result of your actions. Stop trying to pass blame on others and accept full responsibility for this ladies passing.

Jennifer Lice-Lady Hurst
Seems like he had a big part in this young ladies death. I am not buying that he had clothes sent to her house. He knew what he was doing and he screwed her over.
I think there has to be police error her on some level but when the cops enter with a warrant and get shot at they can shoot back….seems like too much room for disaster as happened here. I’m so sad for her and her family. I can’t imagine the last moments of her life and the terror she was in.

Tony Strow
This is tragic and this guy has to be trying to convince himself that he didn’t have a direct involvement in her death by shooting aimlessly at a door while not notifying her to take cover. Not justifying what led to the no knock warrant but his reaction of shooting through the door and then taking cover for himself leaving her vulnerable equally caused the tragedy.

Eddie Malinowski Sr.
His actions caused her death, her association with him was partially cause of her death, again decisions that we make will have consequences

Tanya LeBoeuf
I guess he didn’t figure out that they have jailhouse call records, and videotape that may say different🙄 She was associated with these people that were drug dealers….they caused her death. Not the police.

Katie Anne
Well, had he not discharged a weapon at the police through a closed door…she’d be alive today. His choices killed her. He’s the one who needs to SAY HER NAME!!!!

David Bordelon
I’ve always found it disturbing she was dating a known drug dealer while working as an EMT which gives her access to narcotics.

Brian Dombrowski
So then why did her current boyfriend have an arrest warrant for him at her place. Why did he aim a gun at the police ? Why did he hide behind her and fire his gun at police. It’s her current boyfriend’s fault. She was involved in his drug dealing. She hadn’t been an EMS for a while. She was fired from that job anyway. Point is don’t point guns at police.

Patrick Eck
A JUDGE reviewed the evidence and decided that her drug dealing boyfriend had been at her residence enough to justify a search warrant. That there was reasonable cause to make it No Knock. It doesn’t matter that he was apprehended already, they weren’t looking for him there they were looking for his drug stash. It was unfortunate that she was shot in the crossfire between the police and her boyfriend when the boyfriend opened fire first on the cops. I blame 1) the dope dealer 2) the judge 3) the current boyfriend. Do the cops bear any blame? They were being fired on, if the announced after the door came down I can’t place much blame on them.
· Reply · 38m
Robert Wilson
Oh…well then….case closed. Her ex-boyfriend said so.. Guess we might as well just pack it in fellas. Investigation is over. Nevermind the data dump done on cell their phones and data that suggests she knew exactly what was going on, and was the “money man”…. Man, i’m glad this “good” guy was able to clear things up for us all. Resume the riots and burn it all down. 🙄
· Reply · 1h
Von Stewart
But her current boyfriend was the one they were after and you can not tell me she didnt know about his life.
· Reply · 1h
John Quinn
Wow. How surprising. Someone who got arrested and denied everything. How unique. I would have been surprised if he just put up his hands, didn’t shoot at the police and said, “You Got Me Fair and Square. I Give Up.” I wonder who is actually committing all these crimes if the people that the police are arresting are always the wrong ones?

Well no crap. That’s why they want to change the law on “no knock.” However, the bf is the one who opened fire and the cops are the one who returned fire. Her death was not justified and her family filed a wrongful lawsuit which they are entitled to. That’s it though. There is nothing else there.

Since nobody has ever lied to law enforcement about their involvement with drugs I’m sure this is true. Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

I’m gonna say his believability score is about a 0.2 on a 100 point scale.
Yes it was tragic, but she chose to surround herself with criminals in her personal life. Unfortunately, when you do that, bad things can happen, and sadly, she paid the price… See More

He admitted to selling drugs. He brought that trouble to her door. Her boyfriend was trouble!!! And she died because he fired at police

He is responsible for her death ..his attempted murder of the police lead to them firing in self defense .he should be charged with her murder.. but it is not really much of a sad story she knew she was dating a drug dealer and this is what kind of stuff happens when you date drug dealers..sad people choose that life

This story is not done yet! She was in law enforcement, why hang with this known offender? What did she think might happen? But let’s hear the whole story first, please!

He was the drug dealer ,and he pulled the gun on the cops first ,she was in a bad situation being with this guy ,RIP

He had the “ most part in her death “ and no the police did not just randomly pick her out. And why would he tell the truth now? He isn’t going to. Those cops also know exactly what happened that night, and the truth is not being told! It wasn’t their fault! This guy is using this poor girls death to cover up for what he him self caused !


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