Death, Obituaries : Tom Jarrell of North Carolina Passed Away.

By | October 18, 2019

Death, Obituaries : Tom Jarrell of North Carolina Passed Away.

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to Beloved [Eke Samson] who recently passed away.

We learned of the passing of deceased from the following tributes posted on Facebook.

Cindy Bennett

Judge Jarrell died from an overdose of drugs ?????????? This mans obituary read like a who’s who of the really good guys. What the hell was he thinking ? WHERE DID HE GET THE ILLEGAL DRUGS ???? The report came out about 5 hrs earlier today. This man was looked up to by a lot of people. He SEEMED to have his head on his shoulders and living a good decent life. Behind closed doors he led a secret LOW LIFE. If someone of his caliber can be SO DAMN STUPID then why or how can we look down on ANYONE that breaks the law, smokes pot, does drugs ??? Because Tom Jarrell is right there in the gutter with the low lifes that keep breaking the laws that Judge Jarrell has been trying to uphold for his entire life.

I’m not shocked that he had a secret low scum bag life. I’M PISSED !! He sent people jail and went home to break more laws that those he sent to jail . For those that have not read the report.. he had a needle puncture in his right arm. He had morphine in his system. he had a powder substance in his pocket and fentanyl in his system. He had a knife and powder substance in the bathroom.

The Guilford County Court system SHUT DOWN the day of his funeral. Govenor Roy Cooper spoke at his funeral. AND HE WAS NOTHING BETTER THAN A DAMN DRUG ADDICT. Shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!!


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