Was shep smith fired : Why did shep smith leave fox news

By | October 12, 2019

Was shep smith fired : Why did shep smith leave fox news.

New York (CNN Business)Shepard Smith, the chief Fox News anchor who was despised by President Trump, said on his Friday program that after more than two decades at the network, he was stepping down and leaving the company.

“This is my last newscast here,” Smith said, adding that he was “eternally grateful” to Fox for the opportunities it has afforded him.
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Very, very odd. Here’s my concern- at the end of the day Murdoch cares about one thing: profits. You could see recently more than EVER that it seemed like Fox was looking at a ‘Trump Exit Plan’. More journalists/guests were speaking out against him, calling out lies more than I have ever seen before. Things shifted DRASTICALLY immedaitely after the meeting with Barr. I turned on Fox to see if there would be anything dropped about it, and for a solid 3 hours there wasn’t a SINGLE mention of impeachment- it was so, so bizarre. Trump saw the tide was changing at Fox and was having little Twitter meltdowns about it, and then Barr shows up to meet. My guess is he shared inside info with Murdoch to get him confident enough to keep the network on the Trump Train. Proof that they have advance assurance the Senate will not convict under any circumstances & he will 100% stay in office? Possibly serious dirt (or spin) they have dug up on Dem candidate(s) that they are waiting to drop? SOMETHING HAPPENED AT THAT MEETING THAT ASSURED MURDOCH IT WAS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF FOX TO STAY HITCHED TO TRUMP. And whatever it was has to be big. Because we know from leaks Paul Ryan, Murdoch’s son, and other higher ups have been discussing an exit plan over the past couple weeks.

After years of being marginalized and attacked by his colleagues, Shepherd Smith has left Fox News. The announcement stunned the journalistic community. Smith in recent years has become the voice of reason on the network often clashing with Sean Hannity and others. It’s a shame seeing him leave, Fox has lost its last voice for journalism, integrity, and sanity.

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