La Fire Map : Saddleridge Fire Evacuation Map

By | October 12, 2019

La Fire Map : Saddleridge Fire Evacuation Map

The #SaddleridgeFire is burning in roughly the same area as 2008’s devastating Sayre and Sesnon fires.

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  • Sherry Taylor Brown Just a few minutes ago ABC reporters were asked to leave the Newhall pass area, winds have changed direction and the fire may be on it’s way toward Newhall. Prayers for those who protect us, and for those in its path.
  • Erik Denton If it grows north west there is plenty of acres to stop it with minimal but still devastating residential impact. However north east and south would be completely different.
  • Erik Denton Another reason to say why Gas prices are about to go up. The center pink area ( second largest area in pink ) is all oil derricks
  • Leticia Ramirez So tell me why firefighters havwnt taken the hint to ducking prevent, not protect!!! It doesnt take a genius to predict these trends. People not doing there jobs and growing theoretical approaches… america your ignorance is showing.. idk lets have these firefights precent these fires by .. idk looking at data and foot walking, aka doing our job ..

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