Dr Reggie Pilcher of Augusta GA Passed Away.

By | October 12, 2019

Death / Obituaries : Dr Reggie Pilcher of Augusta GA Passed Away.

This is a tribute and loving memory of beloved Dr Reggie Pilcher who recently passed away.

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Brooke Hughes Axon shared this sad news on Facebook.

It is with great sadness, we must share with you that Dr Reggie Pilcher has passed. Our beloved doctor and friend suffered a fatal heart attack last night.
Dr Pilcher loved his little patients! His deep compassion when working with them and their families made him special. Dr Pilcher was an inspiration to all of us who had the pleasure to work with him. We will, without a doubt, continue to carry on his legacy.
Dr. Pilcher had recently hand chosen Dr. Pedigo to fill in for him when he was absent. Thankfully, she has committed to work at our office full time. Our office will continue the same service and dedication to provide the highest level of patient care.
If you have any questions or concerns, please come by the office or give us a call.
We ask for continued prayers for his family and office staff who loved him dearly.
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9 thoughts on “Dr Reggie Pilcher of Augusta GA Passed Away.


    Dr. Pilcher saved my son 28 years ago when he had RSV pneumonia. My son is alive today because Dr. Pilcher refused to give up. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to all that knew him. He will be missed by all. Rest in peace

  2. Kay Potter

    Dr. Pilcher was my son‘s pediatrician when we moved here nearly 30 years ago. Christopher was 10 months old at the time, and we really liked Dr. Pilcher. I am still in shock that he is gone. Prayers for his family, friends, and coworkers.

  3. Gwen

    😭😢 💔 He was our kids Dr and our Grandsons Dr. they’ll never be another pediatrician like him! I’m so saddened and my prayers go out to his family, his staff, all his current and past patients and families.
    #DrPilcherlovedhispatients #welovedDrPilcher
    Michael (now age 32), Parker(now age13) and Will McGhee(now age 20) will and have always remembered their tummy squeaking, “girl” calling, Jean wearing, golf playing, teasing Pediatrician they all had the pleasure of going to see. Our hearts are broken.

  4. Debra Thompson

    To Pam Pilcher,
    You had a wonderful husband. Best Doctor. Try and find comfort. Everyone is saddened by your loss. Reggie was loved by many. He will be missed. Jacob Pitts was his patient.

  5. Annie Roberson

    I write this with a heavy heart as I am truly sad that a great man and doctor has left us. My prayers go out to his family and staff as they go threw this difficult time. Dr. Pilcher was my twins doctor and he saved my son life by properly diagnosing him with an medical problem that we didn’t know he had. The medical diagnosis allowed up to get him the help he needed and today he is much better and we owe this to Dr. Pilcher. The kids loved him as he always made them feel safe, he made them laugh and he was always sympathy to their needs. Just an awesome, awesome person. Dr. Pilcher will always be my family hero and he will be missed.

  6. Terri Crosson

    Dr. Reginald Pilcher was my sons pediatrician from the day they were born. He’s seen my boys through meningitis, RSV, more ear infections and strep than we can count and yet every time we saw him, he took the time to answer all of our questions. He had a hearty laugh and quick wit that he shared with everyone. We feel as if we’ve lost a part of our family. He will be missed, more than those words will ever convey. He was a good man that loved his patients and it showed in the way he cared for them and their family. There is a special place for heaven for him. Rest in peace

  7. Leadra McTier

    I am still in shock… The Augusta area lost one of the BEST Pediatrician’s this city has. I completely trusted him with the care of both of my daughters (age 10 and age 7). Dr. Pilcher took one look at my oldest daughter after I had her while she was in distress still in the delivery room and said, I don’t have confirmation but I’m 99% sure she has Down Syndrome. He was right, but cared for my daughter at the highest level. I am heartbroken. My prayers are with his family, especially Mrs. Pam and his office family. Rest In Peach Dr. Pilcher….

  8. Hanson Family

    Saddened to hear this. Dr. Pilcher was a small town country doctor who knew his stuff. We will never forget his advise for our son holding his breathe til he passed out. Dr. Pilcher said a kind sweet voice “well Kasey let him hold his breathe and pass out and when he comes to take wooden spoon and wear his behind out” … he was a great great dr for children and always was the best bedside manner with them. God bless dr Pilcher and family

  9. Shelley Grantski

    We all loved Dr. Pilcher. We will miss him terribly.


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