Death / Obituaries :  Dr Gerald Doyle Passed Away

By | October 12, 2019

Death / Obituaries :  Dr Gerald Doyle Passed Away

This is a tribute and loving memory of beloved  Dr Gerald Doyle who recently passed away.

Here are some tributes posted on online to honor the deceased…

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3 thoughts on “Death / Obituaries :  Dr Gerald Doyle Passed Away

  1. Richard Delaney

    Dr.Gerry Doyle was one of a kind !
    My family will be forever indebted
    To Gerry for his kindness, his over
    the top mannner of caring, and his
    Way of treating People of all walks
    if life in the same low keyed, very
    sincere, knowledgeable,suggestive
    & friendly tone.
    We have lost not only one terrific
    Doctor but sadly one of my closest
    friends & Advisors. It is difficult to
    fathom his loss so quickly but my
    entire family will never forget all
    He gave of himself to us.
    GOD must have needed one of the
    Best Doctors ever to tend his flock .
    May God bless Sheila and all in
    their wonderful family forever!
    Good bye for now my FRIEND!

  2. Susan Stapleton

    You were always there for me. You put me in the right direction. You had a great staff and I have no idea who I can find to fill your shoes and knowledge. You were not just a Doctor. You are a real loss. My love to your family.

  3. Patrick Yetman

    Dr. D took exceptional care or my Dad, Mum myself 3 brothers , my sister & nephew over the last 35 or so years I myself had substance abuse issues he held my hand and never turned his back on me He always had a way of making me feel better with encourageing and positive things to say there will never be another like him I was heart broken to here the news of his passing when my Dad passed away he said to me keep going in the right direction and things are gonna be ok not just my doctor but a friend good luck Dr. D you are missed

    Patrick J. Yetman
    South Boston


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