Death / Obituaries : Jacob Kato of Greensboro NC Passed Away

By | October 12, 2019

Death / Obituaries : Jacob Kato of Greensboro NC Passed Away

This is a tribute and loving memory of beloved Jacob Kato who recently passed away.

Here are some tributes posted on online to honor the deceased…

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2 thoughts on “Death / Obituaries : Jacob Kato of Greensboro NC Passed Away

  1. S irgens

    To the family of Jacob I met him when he performed with my son Erik in Don Giovanni. What. A Great human being. What a great talent what a great gift he shared. He touched my life through his opera voice but mostly as a friend to all. My heart bleeds for Jacob’s family. However I am absolutely positive he will be teaching Gods choir of angels a thing or two about music.

    I will miss you Mr. Kato, more so the world has lost a great man and great talent.

    Susan Irgens

  2. Glenn Trent

    I moved next door to Jacob Kato about 2 years ago.
    The first year we did the people who live next door wave . (With all 5 fingers)

    I really met Jacob and his former roommate Patrick, when they would occasionally, accidentally lock themselves out of their house and I would have to use a credit card to unlock the door. After that, we slowly became neighbors.

    Jacob came over for the last time the Saturday night before he died. He shared a small camp fire with my son, grandson and 7 other kids. We both laughed at watching the kids be kids. My last memory will be of him laughing.

    The prior nine months, my son and I made several unkept plans to see him sing at one of his nearby local performances before he moved back to the DC area.
    We were to make at least one more chance to see him sing in his church’s choir the last Sunday in June. I will always regret not seeing him perform on stage.

    I did get to overhear him practicing opera at his house, but the best I heard was when he came over to the house when I was playing Motown music on You Tube and drinking a glass of wine. He was singing in key to the lead vocals and my dog and I were singing off key back up vocals and dancing.

    My 9 year old grandson planted some sunflowers on Jacob’s side of the fence in the spring. Jacob and I talked several times about how he hoped they would bloom before he moved. I promised to send him a picture if he left before they bloomed.

    Rest in peace Jacob!


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