Death of Ricardo Torres of Augusta : Car accident wichita ks

By | October 8, 2019

WTF?? Once again, FAKE Fox “news” is spinning the story..While EVERYONE around the “Old Lunatic” have been pushing for negotiations ,Trump has done ANYTHING he could to start conflict.
PARK CITY, Kan. (KWCH) Thursday, March 8, 2018
The Kansas Highway Patrol has identified the man killed in a crash on Wednesday as 69-year-old Ricardo Torres of Augusta.

KHP says Torres, who was driving a KHP motorist-assist vehicle, was merging from the center median into the southbound lanes of I-135 when he was struck from behind by a semi.
The KHP says the crash investigation is ongoing and asks for anyone who may have witnessed the crash or has information on what happened to contact Lt. Aaron McGuire at 316-744-0451.
Torres was taken to Via Christi St. Francis is very critical condition but died from his injuries. The KHP says he served as a Motorist Assist Technician since May 2015.
The driver of the semi was not hurt. Read Full Story at :–61st-St-N-476166623.html 
President Trump. You have brought God and dignity back to the Oval Office and restored the moral excellence of this once great nation. You have made us all so proud, with your big hands, and even bigger heart
I think a lot of people would prefer the continued risk of war than swallow some pride because president Trump is making it happen.
John Naylor and he resisted all the libturds demanding that we pay NK off and being on our knee’s begging him not to hurt us like during the clinton/obama errors
Marc Jackson If I correctly recall, it was Trump that was talking about obliterating and wiping NK off the face of the planet.
Vance Webb Democrats everywhere are online ordering Trump’s ‘The Art of The Deal’ and having them discreetly delivered in plain brown wrappers to their Post Office Boxes.
Hollis Edward Whitley Amen, as long as we don’t allow them to accomplish their agenda by dropping our Guard. I have confidence in our POTUS. If anything goes wrong there will be a democrat hiding in the brush. Named Chuck Schumer.
Bill Taggart The globalists, the shadow government and the Illuminati, along with their mindless lapdogs in the Democratic and Republican parties, must be foaming at the mouth right now. I’ll bet they try to setup another false flag next.
Michael Towler Funny thing is now all the leftists who said Trump was trying to start a nuclear war are saying he’s making a bad mistake talking to NOKO. Leftism truly is a mental disorder.
Dot Stokes This is s serious meeting, which I know you are fully aware. Prayers will be ongoing for you, President Trump. Yo have my full respect.
Eric Smith Yes his approach is 33.6 billion times better than how Obama would’ve handled it. Since Obama just used to get in his fetal position and hand out $33.6 billion to our enemies. Thank god we finally have a real leader and someone who puts us 1st
Bill Klone The strategy is strangulation, and its working. We will not use military force unless attacked or unless we detect an armed missile on the launch pad or in the air.
Frank Hagan The hate Trumpers wouldn’t stop being Hate Trumpers, if He turned the globe into a garden of Eden, including eradicating all diseases 
Jn Webb Hey, we want the US to meet with NK. But I don’t trust sending over our Potus to the same people who throw poison in people’s faces. For all we know, they got a guy who looks like Kim going into the meeting…

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